Radio Frequency Analyser

      The scientific objectives assigned to this device are the search for ionospheric precursors of the earthquakes as well as ionospheric phenomena caused by other natural and technogenic catastrophs. Its main functions are registration of the electric component of plasma oscillation spectrums in the 50 KHz - 17.9 MHz frequency band and obtaining electron density profiles along the orbit, including regions where strong earthquakes are expected.

Sample (preliminary) spectra


00594g H
00595g H
00596g H
00627g H
00628g H
00643c H
00691g H
00692g H
00723g H
00726g H
00736g H
00757g H
00803g H
00860g H
00862g H
00870g H
00872g H
00874g H

Online data processing

RFA Datascope

Datascope GUI Snapshot