Gateway to MCC-M FTP file server

Data exchange between Mission Control Center (MCC-M, Korolev, Moscow reg.) and Space Information Technologies Center (CKIT IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow reg.) is controlled by the gateway server (gw2mcc) at the IZMIRAN's Information and Computing Center (ICC). The facilities used to transfer data from one location to the other include FTP servers on both sides (MCC-M and CKIT) and communication channels: a dedicated 64 Kbit/s leased line to MCC-M and 100 Mbit/s fiber channel link to CKIT. There is also a wireless (11 Mbit/s) backup line to CKIT.

MCC-M provides communication sessions' schedules and spacecraft control data arrays. CKIT sends telemetry and communication sessions (ACK) data back to MCC-M.

Software modules at gw2mcc (run typically every 2 min) ensure that new data discovered at MCC-M FTP server are immediately transferred to the corresponding folders at IZMIRAN FTP server ( and new files discovered at CKIT are transferred to MCC-M (and FTP). Successfully transferred files are then deleted from MCC-M and CKIT.