( launcher details )

COMPASS-2 is a small satellite specifically built to perform search for earthquake precursors in the near Earth environment.
  • Total weight of the satellite is about 80 kg (20 kg - instruments)
  • Expected orbit parameters:
    • Perigee 400-500 km
    • Apogee  620 km
    • Inclination 79

The satellite has been successfully launched by SLBM Shtil (RSM-54) from the submarine "Ekaterinburg" in the Barents Sea.

Shtil BL

K-84 "Ekaterinburg"
667BDRM (Delta IV) submarine

sineva SLBM R29RM/RSM-54 ( NATO SS-N-23 "Skiff" )
Stages: 3
Range: 8300km
Total weight: 40,3 t
Warhead weight: 2,8 t (4 -10 individually targeted warheads)
Targeting precision: 500m


Shtil 1 is based on R29-RM(RSM-54) and is capable of placing a payload of up to 100 kg into the low Earth orbit.


Shtil 1 is the launcher that was used to place first satellite into orbit by an SLBM. It was launched from the submerged position.